Sunshine at last!

Finally we have some lovely sunshine. I took Belle to the Bluebell Wood this week but unfortunately the Bluebells are late this year but we had a lovely walk and poked around in the pond. Then after nursery yesterday we popped into Drusillas. We are lucky enough to live close and are annual members so… Continue reading Sunshine at last!

Easter holiday fun

Well, that's it for this year, Easter hols are done. Two weeks of cold, cloud and rain, a huge contrast to this time last year when we had a mini heatwave. We ventured out but everywhere is so muddy. Poor Belle fell over into a muddy puddle as soon as we arrived at Eastbourne Miniature… Continue reading Easter holiday fun

New family member.

I have kept guinea pigs for over 25 years ever since my own children were small. I still have them and now the grandkids enjoy caring for them. I acquired two piggies last year from a friend of a friend but one died from the effects of mange just before Christmas. I brought the second… Continue reading New family member.

In to the Wood, on to a new home.

This month's ATC Swap at Hailsham Stamp Club was "In to the Wood" set by Julie. Once again the girls did a fantastic job.  Mine is top left with the little cabin. The theme for April is "Springtime" which fits perfectly, with Easter being so early this year there is inspiration all around us. We… Continue reading In to the Wood, on to a new home.

Crafty Catch up

I have started a couple of crafty projects with Belle but as I'm not seeing her as often they are taking a bit longer to complete. Hopefully from next week we will be back to normal and as the weather improves we will be able to get out and about. Here are three projects we've… Continue reading Crafty Catch up

Masterboard Technique

Next month at Hailsham Stamp Club we are doing Masterboard technique. This is a quick and easy way to make feature backgrounds for several cards in one go.  Take 1 sheet of A4 white cardstock. Then blend any ink or paint  all over it, I used VersaMagic chalk pads in pastel colours. Once you are… Continue reading Masterboard Technique

It’s Showtime!

It's been another busy month as I'm utilising the time without Belle full time to concentrate on Hailsham Stamp Club and other personal projects. The theme for our ATC swap was Showtime set by our singer Annette. Once again I have received a lovely set of cards for my collection folder. Mine is on the… Continue reading It’s Showtime!

Stamp Club – January 2018

Last night at Hailsham Stamp Club we had our first ATC swap of the year. The theme for this month set by myself was WINTER. I am delighted with the beautiful cards I received. I think that they perfectly reflect the varied artistic styles of our members. Can you spot my card?  Next month we are… Continue reading Stamp Club – January 2018

Catching up time.

So, it's been a while since my last post. I was excited for the summer holidays but as it transpired I hardly had the kids as Billy and Ambs both took time off to be with them and when I did we were outside enjoying the sunshine. Anyway, New Year, new start. Belle and I… Continue reading Catching up time.